JEM'S Healthy Choices LLC.

If you are a business owner & you are interested in carrying some of our JEM'S products at your place of business, please contact us directly 
so we can put together a suitable plan for your that will suit you & your clients.

JEM'S is suitable for locations such as:

Spa's, Salons & Independant Holistic businesses
If you have a different business than those mentioned above & you feel JEM'S would be suitable for you , please contact us.

JEM'S does have products that are out of the above context, for example

Our "Bug-Off" Moisturizing Mist is perfect for a garden center

Or our NEW "Gentle Baby" line is perfect for a baby or maternity boutique..

Or our "Smudge Mist" is super for a meditation or yoga studio.

Just ask :) I am sure we have something for you!

Thank-you for your interest!

Judy Squires-Gleason 

or (518) 424-1353  
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