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A great gift to yourself!

JEM'S  Bath Tea Blends ..are ideal for herbal and therapeutic uses....each tea has an approx net weight of 1 oz and comes with a folded non-chemical muslin bag right inside the great! 
Simply place a tablespoon or two of the blend inside the bag & drop it into your is suggested to leave the bag in the bath for 5-10- mins only..especially if you are not used to herbal bath teas...they can be potent...full details are on each jar...the muslin bag is washable...for are the herbs for the life of the can re-dry them if you will know when they loose their potency....20 mins maximum is suggested for an herbal bath( 5 -10) with the herbs in place.
Each jar can yield quite a few baths depending on the amount of herbs you use...
I would easily enjoy at least a dozen from this size.
If you have any questions about any of my JEM'S Bath Teas, please drop me a note.


Aphrodisia_Tea"Aphrodsia" Bath Tea $12.00 
plus $3.75 USA shipping/handling & applicable tax
Certified organic Patchouli Leaf
Certified organic Blackberry leaf
Certified organic  Lavender flowers
Certified organic Marshmallow leaf
Approx net weight 1 oz
                                                    PET Safe container

Chill_out"Chill Out" Bath Tea $12.00 
plus $3.75 USA shipping/handling & applicable tax
Certified organic Lavender flowers
Certified organic Spearmint leaf
Certified organic Chamomile flowers
Certified organic Pink rose petals
Approx net weight 1 oz
PET safe container

"Wellness" Blend Bath Tea $12.00
plus $3.75 USA shipping/handling & applicable tax
Certified organic Peppermint leaf
Certified organic Rosemary leaf
Certified organic Raspberry leaf
Certified organic Grapefruit peel
Certified organic Rosehips
Approx net weight 1 oz
                                                    PET safe container

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