I believe that the name of my website says it all "We Have Healthy Choices"
I am offering choices....I do not believe that one company is better or worse than another, personally I love trying different products & different companies & then making an educated decision to purchase & use the products that are suitable for me. I have used products from each of the companies listed below & enjoy them all for many different reasons...it's great having Healthy Choices!   Happy browsing!
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ID# 987575 Judy Squires-Gleason, Independent Distributor


Young Living Essential Oils is a multinational, relationship marketing company specializing in the production & distribution of therapeutic-grade oils & premium products enhanced with essential oils. Young Living is the largest supplier of essential oils in the world.

Gary Young (founder) learned the power of essential oils through a profound personal experience that led him on a worldwide odyssey to learn about essential oils & their thereapetic values.

I personally love these oils & use them daily for a variety of reasons. I am certain that you will learn to love them as much as I do.



 Miessence Certified Organic Essential Oils


Essential Oils have earned a reputation for their therapeutic benefits but many people don't fully understand why.

Narelle Chenery, creator of the certified organic skincare range Miessence  said "The tiny molecules that make up essential oils are taken into the body in two ways: by osmosis(through the skin) & by olfaction (breathing them in).

"When essential oils dissolved in a carrier oil are applied externally via massage, the tiny molecules are absorbed through the skin & reach small blood vessels."

"They are then carried to the muscle tissue & joints via the bloodstream to reach all the tissues & organs."

Miessence Jasmine Essential Oil

Miessence-The Business

Judy Squires-Gleason / Miessence Independent Representative


Doterra Essential Oils             Doterra Associate # 12987        Judy Squires-Gleason 

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots & flowers of plants. They can be both beautifully & powerfully fragrant, eliciting profound emotional responses. Yet the uses of essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal. Used throughout history for their medicinal & therapeutic benefits, essential oils can be used as natural alternatives in holistic self-care practices.Their unique chemistry allows them to be used aromatically & applied topically to the skin, while other essential oils can be used as dietary aids to promote vitality & well being.

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