Judy is originally from St.John's Newfoundland Canada  and moved to upstate NY in 2006, to be with the love of her life...her huband Brian of 5 + years..

Judy has always had a passion for "healthy" skin, body , hair,bath ingredients & products & she has just recently launched her NEW LINE of Healthy non-chemical, hand developed,hand blended,hand crafted, bath, 
body & skin care products called
JEM'S Healthy Choices.

Judy has been her own advocate over the years in researching ingredients that are pure,clean, organic & certified organic...she has also held a number of small workshops in the upstate NY area, educating participants on the differences & benefits of same...

Over the years Judy has also worked with a number of direct marketing skin, body & hair care companies and has researched thousands of individual ingredients to truly find what the pros and cons are with each ingredient.

Judy hopes that you will join her in helping to educate the general public in understanding that when it comes to purchasing personal care products that we have choices, 
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